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Special Prices

425.00 340.00

“Vintage” glass flowers, enamels

225.00 180.00

Bracelet with “vintage” glass flowers

225.00 180.00

Brooche with daisies and poppies

138.00 96.00

Collana foglie e grappoli

125.00 112.00

“Baroque” swarovski crystals earring

425.00 340.00

“Vintage” glass flowers, enamels


“Vintage” glass, acorns and leafs

250.00 150.00

“Vintage” Murano glass fruits

165.00 115.00

1960 french glass earrings

63.00 52.50

2,5cm silver bows earrings with enamels

200.00 160.00

925 silver, enamels, daisies

100.00 90.00

925 silver, hand-cut crystals


925 silver, hot enamels

160.00 128.00

925 silver, swarovski acorns

100.00 90.00

925 silver, Tridacna pearls

310.00 239.00

Acorns and leafs, murrine glass

Jewelry Care

Each one of the pieces created by La Hormiga is processed with the best and finest materials and components available. All changes in the color or the tiny imperfections are due to the handmade nature of our products. To keep your jewelry sparkling for years to come just follow some practical advice: Always remove jewelry before washing or swimming, moisture can cause damage to the metals.

Do not apply directly or close to the jewels alcohol-based products such as perfume or oil or gel creams or hair sprays, they could spoil the methacrylate (plexiglass) and dull the finish of the crystals or stones and metallic parts. Do not expose accessories for long times at high temperatures or to direct sunlight as the colors may fade. To clean, use a soft, dry cloth. Do not submerge in detergents.

La Hormiga, brand che propone bijoux creativi, nasce dalla matita della designer autodidatta Laura Kretschel , nata in Argentina nel 1970 in una famiglia Tedesco Italiana lavora a fianco e la sua inseparabile sorella Silvia Kretschel , la quale ha una vastissima esperienza nella cucina, e da qui il salto alla biggiotteria , il nesso tra cucina bijoux e la frase “tutto deve nascere insieme”.



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