About us

The story of the La hormiga began in 1989, when Laura kretschel met ignacio del vecchio at buenos aires .and they have been partners in business and life ever since. Moving  to milan .La hormiga  have developed their own unique style of distinc­tive, sometimes oversized jewelry throughout the years. They view each piece of jewelry as a little sculpture, and they are committed to bringing out the full potential of the materials they use. This leads to jewelry that radiates a dramatic beauty of art, craft, and especially nature. Each piece of resin, wood , stone, or other natural material has been given its own unique quality by nature’s hand. The art of the la hormiga craft  is to bring these colors, textures, and shapes together in a synthesis of drama and individu­ality. Each piece is an artwork that radiates tranquility with a touch of magic.

Ignacio del vecchio